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Put some zing in your bin
Conveniently packaged for use around the home, Ezi-Fresh odour absorbing granules are a clean, green way to get rid of odour caused by bin smell.

Gritting salt for icy and snowy weather
Ezi-Melt driveway salt
Ezi-Melt is available in 1kg, 2kg and 6.5kg packs
Ezi-Melt dispenser with handy 2-way lid A manageable pack size means anyone can use Ezi-Fresh to get rid of odour from indoor or outdoor bins.

Get Rid of Odour With
Ezi-Fresh Bin Deodoriser

It's amazing to think that British families spend £1,000,000 a day on air fresheners, but the biggest stink of all comes from indoor and outdoor bin smell.

Even the most thorough bin cleaning won't completely get rid of odour, so thank goodness Ezi-Fresh is here to kick out bad smells once and for all.


Uniquely formulated for household bins, indoors and out, Ezi-Fresh granules actually absorb bad smells and re-odorise the surrounding air with a clean, fresh smell.

One sprinkle of Ezi-Fresh into the liner and you will smell the difference straight away. Continued use of Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser will chase away bin smells for good.


Simple and lightweight, Ezi-Fresh comes in an easy-to-manage 400g plastic container.

The flip-and-pour lid mechanism allows you to easily apply
Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser directly from the container, then re-seal for later use.

The sealed container can be placed in your kitchen cupboard for clean, secure storage.


Ezi-Fresh contains only simple ingredients and no impurities. You can shake it into any indoor or outdoor bin, or even pet litter trays. The granules begin absorbing odour straight away and won't leave any harmful residue.

  • Get rid of odour around the home caused by bin smell.
  • Ezi-Fresh absorbs bad smells and re-odorises your bin.
  • Use it in wheelie bins, kitchen bins, nappy bins and even
    pet litter trays.
Where To Buy Ezi-FreshSafe to use - and environmentally friendly, too...