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Put some zing in your bin
...and your till! With its unique chemistry and handy size jar,
combined with vibrant branding and some fantastic POS options,
Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser will be flying off your shelves...

Ezi-Fresh Bin Deodoriser - a Huge Opporunity For Retailers
Ezi-Melt driveway salt

Ezi-Fresh Merchandising Unit


Ezi-Fresh Bin Deodoriser


500g jar.

72 x 500g merchandising unit


Retailing Ezi-Fresh
Bin Deodoriser

British consumers spend £1,000,000 a day on air fresheners to get rid of odour around the home. Yet there's almost nothing available to get rid of the biggest stink of all - bin smell.

Ezi-Fresh odour absorbing bin deodoriser granules offer your customers a simple and low cost way to get rid of odour from indoor bins, outdoor wheelie bins and even pet litter trays.

With its unique odour absorbing chemistry, and fresh, re-odorising action, Ezi-Fresh gives you something completely new to offer your customers.


The customer friendly 400g jar is light, easy to use, simple to store and carries vibrant branding that just pops off the shelf.

To add to its in-store presence, we have created two useful merchandising units to display the 400g jar. There's a choice of a 96 x 400g free-standing merchandising unit, or a 36 x 400g countertop display, both of which also carry the bold, colourful Ezi-Fresh branding.


Ezi-Fresh is a unique, new opportunity in the household freshener market and destined to sell in large volumes. To make sure you have adequate stock of Ezi-Fresh to keep your customers happy, we recommend ordering now to make sure you can meet demand.


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