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Put some zing in your bin
You'll find Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser really easy to use.
Just sprinkle the right amount into your bins and get rid of odour in no time. It's also great for deodorising pet litter trays.

Sprinkle Ezi-Fresh inside the bin liner
Ezi-Melt driveway salt
Ezi-Fresh handy dispensing pack Shake Ezi-Fresh into bins, or mix a small amount with pet litter to keep your home smelling fresh.
Spreading Ezi-Melt gritting salt is easy with its special applicator lid

How To Use Ezi-Fresh Bin Deodoriser To Get Rid of Odour

Bin smell can be really unpleasant, but air freshener won't solve the problem, and bin cleaning won't do the trick either. To get rid of odour in your bin, you need Ezi-Fresh odour absorbing granules.

With its clean, easy-to-use packaging concept and handy-size containers, Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser is quick, clean and easy to use, eliminating bin smell in no time. Here's how:


To get rid of bin smell:

  1. Just pop open the top of the lid.
  2. Shake the container to sprinkle Ezi-Fresh inside the liner for an indoor bin, or directly into a wheelie bin.
  3. Use approximately 2 tablespoons for a small bin, or 4 tablespoons for a wheelie bin.

For pet litter trays:

  1. Mix a small amount of Ezi-Fresh into pet litter.
  2. Use approximately 1 tablespoon for an average sized litter tray. Ezi-Fresh is made from safe ingredients and won't harm your pet when used in this way.


Always ensure you re-seal the container and keep Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser in a dry place, away from moisture.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with running water. If irritation continues seek medical advice.
  • If swallowed wash out mouth and seek medical advice.
  • Keep away from food.


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