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Put some zing in your bin
There are no harsh chemicals used in making Ezi-Fresh odour absorbing granules, so it's the safe-to-use and environmentally sound way to get rid of odour from your bins.

Lemongrass, used to produce citronella
Ezi-Fresh Bin Deodoriser
Ezi-Melt white de-icing salt is 99% pure sodium chloride

Ezi-Fresh - A Safe and Environmentally Friendly Way To Get Rid of Odour

Ezi-Fresh is a combination of special, active ingedients, created in a granular form to make it easy for you to sprinkle into your bin.

The bin-smell absorbing granules are infused with a pleasant, reodorising perfume and citronella - a natural insect deterrent.

Citronella oil is extracted from the leaves and stems of Lemongrass and is completely biodegradable.

This combination of harmless ingredients makes Ezi-Fresh ideal for use in the home as an odour absorbing bin deodoriser, and also excellent for pet litter trays.


The product's purity and lack of additives means that it is safe for people and pets and doesn't leave any harmful or unsightly residues behind.


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