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Put some zing in your bin
Amazing Ezi-Fresh granules absorb bad smells and replace them with a nice fresh aroma. Just sprinkle Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser liberally into kitchen bins, wheelie bins, nappy bins (in fact any bins) and get rid of odour for good...

Get Rid of Odour
Ezi-Fresh Bin Deodoriser

Smelly Bin Suitable for all bins
Smelly Bin Use indoors & outdoors
Smelly Bin Fresh smelling granules
Smelly Bin Just sprinkle it in...
Ezi-Fresh Saves on Bin Cleaning
  Amazingly effective
Unique chemistry that gets
rid of stinky bin smell fast...
What is Ezi-Fresh?
Get Rid of Bin Smell
  Simple to use
It really couldn't be easier to get rid of odour around the home...
How To Use Ezi-Fresh
Buy Ezi-Fresh Bin Deodoriser
  Easy to find
Loads of retailers are stocking
Ezi-Fresh bin deodoriser...
Where to Buy Ezi-Fresh